• Flip Orb Strong Orange Crash

Symbol: 42-05373810000
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Cena przesyłki 13.9
Paczkomaty InPost 13.9
Kurier (przedpłata) 15
Paczkomaty Inpost (pobranie) 15.9
Kurier (Pobranie) 20
Dostępność 2 szt.
Waga 0.3 kg

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The finest intense blowjob feelings! This masturbator in its futuristic design has something wonderful hidden inside it - there is a sensationally flexible pleasure system inside with countless soft grooves, waves, dots and integrated beads in various places. The masturbator can be tightened and a sucking vacuum can also be created with the 2-point stimulation system. The masturbator can easily be opened and cleaned. 2 x 10 ml toy gels are included in the delivery which can make this amazing masturbator wonderfully slippery. Complete length 17.8 cm, insertion depth 14 cm, Ø 3.5 cm. ABS, PC, Elastomer.
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